question on IAQ for Inspectors info

I have just completed the IAQ for inspectors course and have a question (or comment) on the following info:
[FONT=Arial]IAQ and Relative Humidity
Keeping RH below 50% reduces or eliminates many common household problems.

Medical studies show most people⎯absent a medical condition⎯are healthiest and most comfortable between 30% and 50% RH.

  • Homes should maintain 35% to 45% RH in heating climates.
  • In cooling climates, homes should maintain 60% RH.

Homes should stay above 20% and below 50% RH to avoid breakdown of immune systems, mold growth, dust-mite invasions, and viruses.

[FONT=Georgia]The info on this page states: In cooling climates, homes should maintain 60% RH.[/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia]Am I looking at this wrong, but shouldn’t this state “homes should not exceed 60% RH”, or something similar. Homes in cooling climates typically want a lower RH (for comfort reasons). The way it is currently written would lead someone to think you should have your indoor RH at least 60%.