Question page 56 #22 on test prep

The following describe types of floor joists. except _________.
engineered wood I-joist
1/4-inch sub-flooring
truss joist

I thought the answer was a Truss Joist. The correct answer according to the site is 1/4 inch sub-flooring. Please advise?

I’m going to be straight up honest with you (as always, just including the disclaimer for your benefit)…

If you cannot get this simple question correct, you have zero business taking any exam until you get proper education! In fact, you may need to reconsider attempting to enter this profession altogether!


JJ will give it to you straight up.

And, there really are not many, if any, test questions that are simpler or easier than this one.

ahhh spoken in true salty inspector tone. Instead of just answering the question, seasoned inspectors (all born with inspector knowledge) ridicule and demean those trying to make sense of all the nuances and intricacies of the job. Guess learning is frowned upon these days.

James, Google works great and 1/4" sub flooring is like this:

And truss joists are like this:

truss joist - Google Search

I tried looking it up but didn’t see that thanks. I remember answering it a different way earlier on a similar question and it was wrong then that’s why I am confused. Thank you for the clarification


While I don’t necessarily cotton to JR’s style, he is correct.

If you do not know that 1/4" sub-flooring is not a joist, then you either do not know the meaning of “joist” or “sub-flooring”. In either case, your knowledge of flooring and floor-support systems has not yet risen to the rudimentary level. Go back and study more.

The temptation is great to get past the exam and move on to the next chapter. The fact is, you can pass all the exams and still not be properly educated.

The only questions you should miss are ones where the answers are wrong, which happens from time-to-time, and those that are not properly worded. If you are in doubt about anything, that means there’s a gap in your knowledge and you need to study not only that item, but every item surrounding it.

Yes I understand I still need to study and learn hence why I’m taking the test review questions to find my weaknesses. My confusion Is that I have not found where a floor joist is called a truss joist. I understand a subfloor and where a floor joist goes, however, I am confused as to what a truss joist is if it differs from a roof truss. I have tried to find a photo of what the question is describing but I’m not sure what they are referring too. Is a truss joist another term for floor joist? thats my confusion.

Some call truss joists: floor trusses. Nonetheless, both are used. A floor truss can be used as a floor joist.

ok I see the issue. thank you to those that helped me understand the term. I’ll go over the info again. Try not to flame the new people taking the classes. Not everyone was born with a hammer in their hand.

The word you seem to be having trouble with is “except”.

or is it accept ;~))

Try this, Google floor joists and you will find pictures of many floor joists, including installation procedures. Good luck moving forward!

Floor truss.jpg


Again - one of the basic premise is “self-evaluation” of what knowledge, skills and abilities a person brings to the table before they enter into the business. That’s not to say that lack of construction knowledge prohibits one from becoming a home inspector. Likewise a good home inspector can also be operating with a deficit on the business management side.

But in my opinion and certainly provides a good foundation to the required knowledge and understanding of how and what they see in various materials and building systems to be inspected.

Yay, but the wood I have is not 2" thick like you show. Why is that? :wink:

:mrgreen::wink: And look who’s talking.

You must admit though, you know exactly where I’m coming from, and where I’m going. No back-stabbing, blowin’ sunshine up your a-s-s, hypocritcal BS from me. You get it straight, and you get it hard, just the way you need it!!! :ack: