termite prevention

Hi All,

Roofer here from Ontario. Just looking to see what most of the inspectors here that have a lot of experience with inspecting roofs/structural aspects of houses and/or commercial buildings in regards to a type of roofing that is possibly helpful in preventing termite damage in areas that are more prone to termites. So based on you experience with properties with lots of termite damage, is there a type of roofing that seemed to be used on properties that had more termite issues than others?

Would appreciate some ideas. Thanks

In over 35 years I have never found or thought of a type or design of roof covering that was more conducive to termites than others…
except cedar wood shake that could be “chewed on” from drywood termite.
Of course I’m in South Florida, a sub-tropical climate.
<<MG>> State Lic Termite Operator #2446 :slight_smile: