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  1. Magnetic Field lines move from
    a) North to south
    b) South to north
    c) West to east
    d) East to west

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2) What is the maximum amount of time that gray water is allowed to be retained for use to flush a toilet or urinal?
a) 24 hours
b) 48 hours
c) until it’s stinky
d) 72 hours
e) 96 hours

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3) A pool fence must prevent a child from going over, under, or through it to get to the pool. All pool fences should be at least _______ inches tall and no more than _______ inches off the ground at the lowest slope

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4) There’s a BIG party & guests are drinkin’ & havin’ fun on the second story deck.
WHY would the deck usually have uneven weight distribution?

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5) Which of the following is considered to be the best method for connecting an indirect waste to a sanitary drainage system?
a) Air gap
b) Air break
c) a and b
d) high loop
e) cut in half beer cans

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WHO sang this on WHAT song with over 9 million views?
look at this Sacred Heart


1 - North to South
2 - 24
3 - 48" high…2" off ground
4 - most people are near railings
5 - A
Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows

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Thanks, Marc, for doing these!

  1. A… North to South… Magnetic field lines are continuous, forming closed loops without beginning or end. They go from the north pole to the south pole.
  2. A… 24 hrs… “If it’s yellow, let it mellow”
  3. 48" tall… 2" from the ground
  4. People typically congregate near the guards/rails
  5. A… Air Gap

X. I don’t need no stinkin’ extra credit!!


I agree with Peter and Jeffrey.

  1. A & B (magnetic field lines are closed curves)
  2. d) 72 hours
  3. 48" Tall and 2" off the ground
  4. large concentration or a number of people in a small area on a deck with problems
  5. a) Air gap
  1. A) North to south
  2. D) 72 hours
  3. 48" tall and 2" off ground at lowest slope
  4. People tend to gather near railings, so the deck load is unevenly distributed.
  5. A) Air gap

Extra Credit: Everybody Knows Leonard Cohen


Great questions Marc !!

  1. A. North to South
  2. B. 48 hours
  3. 60 inches high. 6 inch gap max between fence and ground.
  4. People hang out near edge in groups.
  5. C. Air Gap/Break
  6. Joey Ramone
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  1. Magnetic field lines outside of a permanent magnet always run from the north magnetic pole to the south magnetic pole. Therefore, the magnetic field lines of the earth run from the southern geographic hemisphere towards the northern geographic hemisphere.

  2. 24 hours

  3. No less than 48 inches and no more than 2 inches.

  4. The deck usually does not have an uneven weight distribution unless their is a party with many party goers on it.

  5. A for Air Gap

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Good questions Marc, thanks for doing this.