Questions Of The Week May 26 ~ BUG QUESTIONS II

HOWDY & Welcome to another round of Questions of The Week!

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If no winner after 48 hours the Questions will be open to all members. :smile:
Have Fun!

  1. H5N1 bird flu is a disease.
    Infrequently observed, insects and mites often suffer from a lethal disease periodically resulting from infection by fungi, bacteria, protozoa, or viruses that may sweep through an insect population.
    The term used here is _______

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2) There’s a reason that cedar trees grow so big and live so long.
Cedar trees are almost immune to the insect infestations that trouble other trees

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3) A pesticide good for dog flea collars or termite control

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4) A taste to a teaspoon would be categorized by what EPA pesticide signal word
How many categories are there

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5) Cimex lectularius don’t spread disease
Depends on environment

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Here we go what song did this come from?
You sound your alarm

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I’ll get it going.

  1. Epizootics
  2. Their wood is very resistant to disease. Their natural oils are toxic to insects and fungus.
  3. Permethrin (Dragnet)
  4. Danger. There are three categories.
  5. True
    Extra: Israelites by Desmond Dekker

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