Questions Of The Week April 29 ~ BUG QUESTIONS!

HOWDY & Welcome to another round of Questions of The Week! jumpnbug

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Have Fun!

Let’s have fun with BUG questions! If you dare… … … buglegs

  1. Another name for insects & lobsters is _______

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Disease Vectors are frequently arthropods.
Flies can pick up infectious agents on the outside of their bodies and transmit them through physical contact.
This is called _______ _______

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3) I was called by a bank to perform a flea treatment. Some of the office personnel were complaining & itching!
The employees including a leader began feeling bites and discovered rashes and other skin eruptions. These individuals identified certain portions of rooms where the pests are common and demanded control.

After my inspection, there was NOTHING present to cause “the affliction”.
I was paid to perform a flea treatment, but only sprayed with WATER.
This pleased everyone & the “fleas” were then gone.

This type of scenario is known as _______ _______

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4) Name the BUG!
a) Bombyliid Fly
b) Parasitic Wasp
c) Horse Fly
d) Honey Bee
e) Montreal Dumb Fly

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5) Some bug’s nymphs are aquatic insects.
This one type may spend up to 5 years underwater, before becoming an adult!
What is it?

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Special extra credit for an additional prize (it depends, but don’t depend on it :cowboy_hat_face:

WHO sang this on WHAT song?
You can’t get through life without gratitude


good questions

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Nice work, Marc!

We appreciate you and Manny doing the questions!

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  1. Arthropods
  2. Mechanical Transmission
  3. Placebo Effect
  4. A
  5. Dragonfly

Good Quiz. Thanks for your hard work, Marc.

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I’m going to wait for @bhull1 to answer before me that way I can come in after him and steal HIS win! :joy::joy:
@jfudge was already killing everyone in the first quarter haha. @bhull1 is doing it now!
I love these weekly competitions!


Go for it.
Bert has won three times this year.
It will be open to all if no winner. :cowboy_hat_face:
I was concerned I may not get much action with these questions.

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I’m sitting out for a while. Go for it, Jacob.


Let’s hear from some newbies. Everyone give it a go.


Here’s a brochure for the “Tropiguard System
First company in Florida to perform drywood termite spot treatments.
Was really raking it in.
Now it’s the thing to do everyone does them.
They should erect a statue of me.
OMG I’ve dated myself!
Check out the phone number. Back then it was seven digits, no area codes yet.

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  1. Pancrustacea
  2. Direct Contact
  3. Mass Hysteria
  4. A
  5. Dragonflys

Are you seeing a shrink? LOL

I luv ya, Marc!

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  1. Arthropoda
  2. indirect contact
  3. placebo effect
  4. A
  5. Dragonfly nymphs
  1. Arthropoda
  2. Vector-Borne Disease
  3. Placebo Effect
  4. A - Bombyliid Fly
  5. Dragonfly

EXTRA: John Mayall, “I Can’t Complain”

You guys make it very hard to choose a winner over formal semantics.

If anyone would like to “revise” answers that’s OK.
Review questions 2 and/or 3.

Well given that hint Marc, I think I’ll tweak my responses to questions 2 and 3:

  1. Arthropods
  2. indirect Transmission
  3. placebo Response
  4. A
  5. Dragonfly nymphs

1-Oviparous Animals
2-Common Vehicle
3-Placebo Effect

Looking for classification, not traits.

Vector-Borne Disease
Placebo Effect
A - Bombyliid Fly

EXTRA: John Mayall, “I Can’t Complain”

  1. Arthropoda
  2. Changed to Mechanical Vectors
  3. Placebo Effect
  4. A-Bombyliid Fly
  5. Dragonfly

Extra: John Mayall, “I Can’t Complain”

  1. arthropods
  2. vector-borne transmission
  3. natural flea control
  4. A
  5. dragonfly larvae
    Coming in late but still ready.