Quick Ethics question for all

I’m brand new to the forum here and I just passed the exam yesterday and only have my 4 mock inspections to go. But my question is this… I was researching local Inspectors in my general region( Southwest PA) and visiting their websites. This one caught my eye, the gentleman is an ASHI certified inspector with all of the normal ancillary certifications too. He is part if the Pillar to Post Home Inspectors group( National Company). His credentials caught my eye because of his membership in 2 LOCAL REALTORS ASSOCIATIONS. Isn’t this a bit of a conflict of interest? Or have you joined them to advertise your businesses. I understand the need to work with realty companies, but in my way of thinking this seems shady.

Thanks for your opinions in advance.

No it’s probably fine. It’s my understanding that to be a full member you would have to be a licensed realtor. Maybe he is a licensed realtor. They also offer affiliate memberships, you would need this to gain access to electronic keys like Supra. Or if you just want to keep abreast of the real estate market.

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Thanks. He seems to be the only local inspector who is associated like that. That is what threw to flag up for me. Thanks again

joining realtor association gives you access to the supra EKEY. that gives you access to a property if the agent is not there or running late. it also adds you to their directory. as agents can look you up. you also have access to all agent info. emails, phone #'s etc. being a member of 2 associations if your service area expands further then the associations reach. as your EKEY would only work in the area the association is located.

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Welcome to our forum, Mark!..Enjoy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s just another way to get potential leads, but there’s no guarantee of work. If you want to pay the annual dues and dedicate time to the association as some require, it’s up to you. . .