Is anyone using the Quickbooks / ISN integration?

Does this work with both the QB desktop and online version?

What do you recommend, the desktop or the online version?

I currently use Quicken Home and Business.

Thank you.

Hi David!

QB Integration works with the online version of QB Only. Right now it is a manual sync of clients and inspection fees.

I am switching from the desktop version of QB to the online version … to allow the ISN integration and easier access for our accountant.

I am used the the desktop version… so it is a challenge as online is totally different… so there is a learning curve…

but… We LOVE Quickbooks.

When someone figures out a way for automatic entry to Quickbooks they will be a zillionaire. Unless this exists already?

HI Geff,

It does for banking!

I tried the Online QB and it never updated my banking info and other issues. Dumped it and went desktop.

Any plans to integrate with the Desktop Version?

Hi Randy, No no plans to integrate with the Desktop version.

How do I set up with existing qucikbooks account, ISN keeps trying to open a new or trial verson?



Hey Guys!

You should be able to navigate to Settings, Office Settings and then Quickbooks (lower left)… then click Connect.

If that doesn’t work… can you come into chat… so our team can help you? Thanks!