Quiz Time: What is this?!

Can you guess what this contraption is for? :mrgreen:

Dry vent filter.

Sometimes, though, I’ll dry my panty-hose that way.


Correct…Did you inspect the same house?!

Why…are those my panty-hose?

The house is in finneytown

I told you to pick up your stuff JAE, You never listen

In Finneytown???

Good heavens!!! Those are mine…I left them there about a month ago during and inspection.

Mean dog next door…weak bladder…

Say, you didn’t happen to see a pair of soggy socks and some wet shoes, did you?

Pantyhose is typical for dryer vents…

The humidity (on an interior dryer vent) will cause heavy MOLD build-up

…and out the window???

low teck moist warm air filter.
used mainly to catch, hold and create mould/mildew/fungi
works very well in these applications.
BPCPA #47827

In a decent society a lady’s undergarments are unmentionable. :smiley:

Sure they’re fine for the lint… just make sure there’s a maxi-pad stuck inside those things to take care of the moisture coming out of the dryer.


[RIGHT]I just bought a Bosch vent less dryer, works great. Uses a condensation box.



Really? Got a picture so we can see how it works?