I had 6 winds and 4 points in Port Charlotte today. On my last stop the guy showed me the Wind from September completed by Mueller. He just happened to be a hands on dude and knows his attic. I looked at the report and all the attic pics in his report were not from his house, completely different.
When I left he gave me two bottles of homemade Guava Wine and Red Beet Wine… wait, what !! ???

I dont know about that company but when i worked with another there were inspectors complaining that when the reviewed the report after they submitted the inspection the pictures were different. Strange

Not strange at all. Like I have been saying all the time pictures are useless and dangerous.

Scumbags use stock photos of what they have on hand. Why send a 1/2 *** blurry shot that may not get accepted when you can just change the poor saps picture to one you like better. Heck it is not your companies name on the dotted line it is the inspector.

Have you sampled the wine yet?

Haahaa !! Not yet, the Guava may work out but Red Beet, I don’t think I could choke that down. Remember beets when you were a kid, yeah, everybody hated them…

My Mom used to make me eat pickled beets and I really really hated them.

I used to be real pissed and probably a real little ****head about it.

I hear beets are actually good when fresh and cooked right. I have not tried them yet but they are supposed to be sweet.

I love beets. Raw, pickled , boiled, whatever.

Hey Michael: I think you would be a better candidate for the beet wine ???
I will be happy to mail it right out !!

I’ve never had beet wine.

You should try it and report back.


I guess he tried it…lol

Were they submitted to the OIR or DBPR? Would be nice to some of these idiots off the state certified list.

They most likely work under a gc and don’t need a license, insurance, certifications or any thing else in their own name. No responsibility. Just give them a pay check.

It was Mueller, they are one big azz company. They wouldn’t pay any attention from a little guy like me…