Pay per Inspection E&O Insurance. You have to be a NACHI member though.

Great Idea! I just don’t see any links for information?

I’m premature as usual. I like to get stuff out to NACHI members as fast as I can. I’m criticized for this as it appears to some that I’m always announcing stuff that isn’t ready. I confess… it’s true.

Email He can mail you a Pay Per Inspection info packet.

Hats off to you Nick! If the price is reasonable, this could be a milestone for Many inspectors!! I need not go into detail. But this could be JUST what the doctor ordered :wink: I will call to find out what “type” E&O it is i.e. “Tail coverage”, “occurance policy”, “claims made policy”??

Hat’s off to Keith Swift who handled our negotiations on this member exclusive.

Nick if this is true and I know you would not put it out there if it were not. I will be looking in to this ASAP. Do you know who much this will help out us new guys. Like Greg said it would be a milestone!!!

Thanks again to you and Keith

Nick I just received a e-mail from the insurance company. Unfortunally they do not cover DE :frowning: #@#$

I was told that E & O is not reacquired in DE I don’t know how true that is. Do you know anything about that ?

I hope that it is a better deal than what is listed on this page.

It getting the exclusive Preferred Status exclusively for NACHI members we did not dislodge or seek to dislodge the existing arrangement for ITA graduates since ITA is a sister training school for NACHI.

This insurance is no good in New York State either…:frowning:

So do the state restrictions still apply, or can any NACHI member be covered? I don’t see Washington State on the Kaplan page and am wondering if there are going to be limits on which NACHI members can be covered?

I talked to Kenny at Allen Insurance and he told me that E&O thru them was not offered in NYS at this time. You should contact Kenny to see if in your State that this E&O is offered. This is the only safe way of knowing. Too bad that many of the “good deals” are not available in my state. :frowning:

Robert… what other “good deal” is not available in NY?

Nick, the auto, home, etc. insurance is not offered in NYS. The medical Insurance is not offered in NYS.

Can you give me links. NACHI’s site is 210,000 pages long. I would think that NY would be the first to be offered such insurance, not last.


I got this email today… so coming soon. They are in NY so I’m assuming NY will be one of the states.

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Hi Nick,

*It has been a while since we last talked and I hope that things are going well for you. *

*Are Health Insurance Benefits still something that you are interested in for the group? If so, I have finally found an underwriter that can service a group such as NACHI and offer benefits in 44 of the 52 states. They have made it very easy and it is as simple as posting a link on the NACHI site for them to get quotes and sign up. *

Please let me know if this is still a viable option.

*Tracy *

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