Radon and Backflow

I’m looking to add some services to my inspection company. Is anyone currently having any success with Radon Inspections as ancillery services?

Yes, I am. I am in SW Florida as well. I have been in your neck of the woods several times and it may be hard to do so.

In your area there are the old timers who will tell everyone Florida doesn’t have Radon. Just open the window…and so on.

If there are high end homes with people moving from the north to your area, then Yes, I would recommend it. If not, then typically the locals do not order this test.

Have you had many people ask for it? How many in your area do Radon Testing? Are you prepared to educate people? You may actually loose inspections because they think you are making the deal “more difficult”. So it depends on your area, their education level about Radon and what your willing to endure.

I’m originally from NJ and you are right, everyone from up noth worries about radon. 50% of homes I built required mitigation systems. Here in SE Florida the never even heard of it.

Here is an article that I wrote about 8 years ago, but it is still mostly true about creating profits from offering radon testing: http://www.nachi.org/dear_nachi3.htm

Yes, I’m not getting rich from Radon testing. I do need to offer it, due to the fact that the snow birds are moving down to sunny Florida and requesting it. I don’t want to loose the inspection because I don’t offer the service, but it has a tight profit margin. I do much better here with mold inspections due to the high moisture contents.

This is where I see things different and maybe I see it wrong.

Lets say I lease 3 Radon Machines at $150 each and do only 4 Radon tests that month. With all the setting up, going back and getting them its not worth it right? Really no profit.

I do not measure my profit and loss in that manner. What if 2 of those home inspection people would not have used you, if you didn’t do Radon as well? Then where is your profit margin?

I implement services and then compare last years number to this years numbers for the same month and then see if I am growing or going back wards.

Is there a better way?

Store and restaurants do this all the time, loose on one item and make money on anther. To me there is no better way to determine how you are doing other than growth.

I compare, day to day, week to week, month to month, quater to quarter, and year to year. Volume, sales, revenue, expenses and profits. Those things that are monitored get better.

Spoken like a true business man…