Radon inspection (posted by Tom Irwin)

Thanks Rick,

All of the above is great info, you might want to weigh your options for method of testing: canister vs CRM (Continous Radon Monitor). Which would best fit your style. I personally chose to put the money out & invest in the CRM. After the test I get instant results via my laptop that includes hourly readout to print & view spikes, I can email that to my client the same day & I don’t have to wait for results from the lab (usually only a couple of days.). This is the way I chose & works fine for me.
Good luck on whatever you choose.

What is wind mitigation and can we do it? Terry

Terry… It’s a Florida thing…

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So- always follow protocol , whats the problem with that? I do it by the book, and i don’t ever need to worry about it later.