Radon Testing in NY

Any of my fellow NY inspectors - what is the deal with using a CRM device in NY? Do you need special certifications as in being a lab? or can anyone grab a CRM and have at it? I can never get solid information about NY regulations. I know I can test for radon using charcoal canisters without any certifications?

NY does not require certification

Radon Training - New York - CERTI.US

That site appears out of date. Here is the official NY site: Radon Information

It appears so. Here’s a page from your link:

Certified Radon Testers

Didn’t realize I could test in NY with my NJ cert.

You still have to register in NY but they recognize the NJ regulations as acceptable. They just want you to pay your fee and report your results.

With charcoal canister yes, but with CRM no - looks like they want you to be a lab of some kind.

You should be registered as a certified tester for the placement and collection of any radon measurement device. CRM, Charcoal whatever you are placing and retrieving. If you are analyzing the results and providing a report without any outside lab you need to be registered as a lab with the state. The information is not compile well there but I have read all of it multiple times and this is what they want. How to become a lab I couldn’t tell you. Likely a call to the Wadsworth Center will get you the answers.