Radon Inspection Reports

Radon is a very new topic around here. People believe in it like they do the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny. I took my courses for radon but never had a request for a test. So, my question is: When you prepare a Radon Report, besides the lab results what do you typically include; advice on how to seal the basement (finished), steps to take to protect yourself from radon, health information, links to websites, anything else? I don’t just want to give them the lab results and say, “Okay, good luck with that!” and then leave them hanging. There is NO ONE around here does sealing or installing radon mitigation systems because a company doing that would get about as much work as a company remediating ghosts and goblins.

just give them the link to EPA/radon and let them do their own research. you only provide the test.

Hey Curtis, have you checked to what the base levels are for radon in your area of Canada?
In my little state of Md. base radon levels range from very low on the Atlantic shore to pretty high in the mountains. And by the way the EPA recommends that every house get tested.


Learn to be a mitigator. Start selling the service and you will quickly add value and income to your business. Seize the moment. In 2 yrs, you will look back on this and smile.

I would love to test every house. I wouldn’t need to do anything else. :wink:

I include just the report and the epa link.

In Canada you an refer clients to the Canadian radon professional organization, Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (CARST) website www.carst.ca or to the Canadian certification C-NRPP website for mitigation professionals http://nrpp.info/mitigation_template/Canada.shtml.
If you ever need help with a radon issue do not hesitate to contact me personally b_wood@carst.ca

Bob Wood
President CARST