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According to the Radon research articles, I would assume that minute levels of radon are present nearly every where. Has anyone knowledge of the Kingston, Ontario area and measured levels of radon gas?


Bill Marston

What are you getting at, and why?

Outdoor Radon levels are not proportionate with indoor testing levels.

The Radon Maps are not accurate as they are the results of testing.
In areas where there are low levels indicated on the map may be where only one (or just a few) tests were taken, whereas in urban areas there is a greater averaging of of the testing results.

Radon levels can not be predicted from house to house, even if they are next to one another.

Well I was curious if there had been any incidents of high radon levels within homes in the Kingston area.


Bill Marston

Bill check with the local municipal or if you guys have a local EPA they can defiantly tell you what the highs and lows are in your province.


Bill Marston

your welcome

This is Canada… we are the retarded step-brother of the world for regulations in many areas.
Radon just is starting to become noticed in Canada. Health Canada just lowered the ACCEPTED levels from 800 becquerels per meter down to 200 becquerel. This is still 25% higher than US or other non-third world nations.
Health Canada has just started to work with EPA from US to get training started in Canada. Eventually Canada will have guidelines in place, but currently does not.
All CMHC website information is getting updated. Studies from the 70’s (look at the afro’s) were still listed untill recently.
There will be an EPA standard course at the end of March in Ottawa.
The cost will be $526.25
I will post the address later.
I just did the one in Oakville last weekend. Very heavy course.


That was a very intense course!! and informative.

BTW Thanks for the bottles of wine David!!!

Good info you guys are in Canada???

(just kidding) I knew that, couldn’t you tell in the original posting when I said province.

Thanks for the info its good stuff

Got 1800 more where that came from, enjoy.
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ANyway guys, here is the info for Ottawa.


Ottawa course, April 18 - 19, 2008 - $339.00 (before March 18)
□ Ottawa course, April 18 - 19, 2008 - $395.00 (after March 18)
□ NEHA exam $125.00 + GST, total $131.25 optional

Course Fee:

$339.00 for advance registration by January 31 for the Oakville course and March 18 for the Ottawa course. $395.00 for registration after these dates.

For US participants, the course fees are the same in US dollars. The fee includes 16 hours of instruction, interaction and practical hands-on sessions, 200 page manual, power-point presentation, lunch both days and GST.

NEHA exam $125.00 + GST, total $131.25 optional

Payment by cheque or credit card must accompany the registration to ensure a space in the course.

Cheque enclosed □ Please make the cheque payable to Biomation.

□ Visa □ MasterCard □ American Express

Card number:_____________________________________________

Expiry date:_______________ Name on Card:_______________________________


Fax registration form to 613-256-5872 or E-mail information to course@biomation.com
or mail to:

335 Perth Street, P.O. Box 156
Almonte , ON K0A 1A0 -Toll free 1-888-667-2324, or 613-256-2821

The Ottawa course is being presented at the Macies Best Western Hotel which is 20 minutes from the Ottawa Airport.


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Just a note: The “Action Level” set by the US EPA is not a “Safe” level. It is a level that the EPA feels can be economically reached with mitigation.

Canada (because of geology) has a higher source of Radon.
I don’t know for sure about Canada policy, but it’s action level may be set like ours.

In Canada they do not have actual rules for mitigation yet or who to contact for mitigation.
We only have a level of 200 bequerel for supposed levels.(in picocuries is 5.45) Way higher than US.
Hopefully we will get some real guidelines soon. Fo now Canada is at least starting to encourage to get US based training.

I have noticed they posted the marks, I have passed…
3/1/2008 Oakville, Ontario RT 125781.00 Passed 125781.00 3281.00
How did you do?

Hi David
Congratulations on passing the NEHA test in Oakville
Bernie Katz

Hi Bernie,
Thanks and
Welcome to the board. It was a good course. Pretty heavy, but definetly taught by a good instructor.
Well worth the money as radon testing will start to be noticed here in Canada.

going to have to look into doing this course, would be fun to hang in the ottawa area for a weekend

Don’t go for the fun… go there and study! and then study some more.
And when you get to the question that asks if radon is the product that you should be worried about or the progeny is the dangerous part… go for the progeny… it is the decayed items such as alpha particles that cause the health issues.
Don’t be like me and read the question wrong… as I left the building I realized how I read and answered the question. Stupid me!
Best wishes on it!

thanks for the heads up, I find you need to be in the learning mode for these. I’ll have to hit some publications prior and get my head in the right space.

looking forward to the course

Read these that Bernie posted.
He teaches the course and is good.