Radon Measuring Equipment

I’m looking for a little advice on purchasing a couple of radon measuring devices. I looked up some of the discussions but they date back to 2013 or so. I am thinking of going with the Rad Star , any advice would be great.
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Thank you for the information!

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I use Corentium Pro; allows you to collect data and provide report within 48 hours via mobile app; no lab mailing, clients like 48 hour turnaround

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I also use the Corentium Pro and love it. I set it on a tripod and am able to immediately send a report at the end of the 48 hour test period.
I also own the Rad Elect system and it is so much more work with reading the electrets before and after each test. You need a tank of nitrogen on hand to clean off the electrets prior to redeployment.
I now only use theRad Elect system to test radon in water samples at home. No more sending samples to the lab.

Thank you Thom!

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Let me know if you have any further questions.

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When I looked at radon monitors I looked at purchasing my own. Then I looked at Radalink. They take care of your monitors if there are any problems. I have to run any monitor in my house before setting it at a customers home. That way if they see something off they will replace it within 24 hours. Now here is the best thing. They take care of all state mandates. If there is an audit the auditor asks what machines I have and when I tell them they say well there is no problems there. They come in and check a few files and are on their way. If your customer asks questions you refer them to the 800 number and they talk to a radon specialist(no getting into trouble). I have used them for two years and I am glad I chose them for radon monitoring.

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I also use the Corentium Pro by AirThings. When I first started home inspections and radon testing under another inspector, I was fortunate to be there when the company was trying different products. The owner preferred to stick with where he had his largest financial investment (Sun Systems), but for ease of use, cost, and best turn around (which clients and realtors really like!) I really preferred the Corentium Pro by Airthings. I believe they’re simply going by “Airthings Pro” now. They’re also smaller, less obtrusive devices when placed in an occupied home and cost less to ship when you have to send them annually for calibration. I strongly recommend the Corentium Pro.

Thanks Brian,

How much does that cost per month per unit if you don’t mind me asking?

Thanks for your help!

Thanks Nick for the help!

Depends on how many monitors. Mine cost $165.00 per month, with no fees to check tests. I have two monitors. They upload to my phone then to Radalink.