Radon mitigation system outlet

Decided to create new thread.

1 year warranty inspection.

Radon piping runs behind garage door header.

What would you report and why?

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I’ve never seen a radon pipe system go through a garage.

Does this pipe penetrate a slab/basement floor?

Where’s the fan system?

The terminating vent should be above the roof line.

The termination not going through the roof line is the only thing I see with it too. Practically, i don’t see that as being an issue where it is, although technically its wrong.


I posted this thread for the purpose of discussion and clarification.:wink:

Ok, I see that the fan is operating normally.

The only thing that stands out is… the vent should terminate above the roof line.

Agreed but what do you tell the client to back that up :wink:


Above the first or second roof line?


I would imagine the second (higher) roof line would be better than a lower roof line installation. A lower roof line installation would be improper venting due to the proximity of the sidewall.

I wouldn’t necessarily tell my client which roof line. I would simply note that a properly installed radon mitigation system must termite above the roof line. I would then recommend a radon mitigation specialist to evaluate and estimate costs of bringing the termination to proper levels.

David, I added a pic to the previous post.


The highest roof line would be the only solution to this upgrade. The lower roof line will not allow proper ventilation with that wall next to it.

I think the wording is eave, not rake.

Distance to adjacent windows must be considered.

From **ASTM 1465





Although I think the real issue here is does the radon pipe in the garage compromise the firewall if/where it passes through to the home. And unlike a mere firewall compromise… a radon fan is pulling 270 cfm… and so makes for a nice fire flue.

Yes it is an issue to be aware of but if you look at pic 1 in the first post you will see that the appropriate fire stop is in place where it penetrates the living space just as it is in this photo.