Radon Tempate for HG

Anyone out there using HG and doing your own radon reports have a template that they could share?

I’ve been doing my own reports with InspectIT. They’ve got a real nice one built in. Unfortunately it appears that HG’s is geared towards using pro-lab (correction…Airchek).

HomeGauge is actually using AirChek www.radon.com for all its radon testing. We encourage our guys to use Prolab for mold testing.

We have integrated with AirChek lab and the inspector uses charcoal kits with ids. The inspector hangs the kits selects the kit id# and HG pulls the buyer and inspection address from the report and sends the info to AirChek. When the inspector sends the kits AirChek sends a report automatically to the inspectors uploaded report. When the buyer or agent views the report they see the radon report beside it.

If you are using crm’s you can attach the html, doc or pdf form to the already-uploaded report.

We don’t have a form but our tech guys perhaps can create one.
If no one posts a solution, call us 877-274-4299

I will email you a copy of what I am using for HG. I incorporated it into my standard template as a separate section after the Optional Section.

thanks Scott! I’ll take a look at it.


Would you be able to email me a sample or copy of your radon report? I would like to see it.



Here is a copy of what prints out in the report. I added a seperate section after the Optional Secttion in HomeGauge by altering the xml code for the template. The radon report now becomes part of the home inspection report, so I don’t have to keep typing the client information over and over again. I simply attach the required DEP and EPA handouts as an automatic attchament and it has saved me a lot of time.

Radon Report Example.pdf (22.3 KB)

Where is the XML file located?

Your homegauge template file is actually written in xml. You need a program like Dreamweaver or other HTML editing software that will support xml files. I will tell you the Frontpage or Expressions Web do not allow you to open the homegauge template files.


HG just might work for me now. I use Wordpad…Easy editing the code than working in the program and I can get it more custom with mailmerge and code changes!

I don’t know if HG is true xml language, but it is easy enough to figure out with a little help from the guys at tech support. If you can convey what you want to do with the software, there is someone there who is willing to work with you through it. I have been working on how to incorporate my radon reports and WDI reports into the home inspection report so that I do not have to keep filling out a million and one forms. The WDI portion isn’t quite there yet, but I figured out how to do the radon reports and it is saving me lots of time now.

I am trying to put together a stand alone radon template to share, but the coding is a little different so that it can be shared easily I am figuring out. Everytime I think I got it right…I load the template on another computer and it doesn’t work. As soon as I figure it out, I will post it on the HG website.

Nice job Scott, but this puter illiterate polack will stick to emailing a separate pdf of the radon results… so HG tech support does not have to deal with me again! The last time I attempted to mess with the xml one of Russel’s support gurus spent 2 hours repairing what I thorougly screwed up… I can edit the templets and that’s all I need to know! :slight_smile:

Reports are delivered On-Site.

Monitors are placed at time of Inspection and recovered 2 days (48 hours) later.

The .word template that I use exceeds the PA DEP requirement and is much easier to email / print than the HomeGauge template…

I cannot believe there is not a radon template for guys that do their own testing built into the Homegauge platform. I just purchased the software a hour ago…and now I’m thinking I should have went another way.

Joe can you email me your word template?

Joe may not be checking back in to this thread… it is 6 years old! :shock: I suggest you email him directly.

John …

What type of radon devices are you using?

Most devices whether electronic, canisters, etc produce a set of results.

At that point, most inspectors I know simply include a cover letter stating its high OR low; attach the electronic monitors printout OR the labs results on canisters, etc AND write a brief paragraph with their recommendations.

SO what type of template are you referring to.

Although I would not feel its needed, you can make any type of template you want in HG … Just like in other softwares.