Radon test report template

I recently did a home inspection and a radon test. I usually just write my radon report in an email including the property being tested the location of the test the reading of the test and the date. I always include the results in my email as well and how radon enters the home and a link to the EPA giving my client more information on what radon is. The agent is complaining that I didn’t write my report right and is looking for a more formal way of presenting this information. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of a nice looking template for radon test reports

What method did you use to test for radon?

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an electronic pro series radon tester

Couple more questions, what state are you located in? Are there any requirements for testing and reporting?

I am from Colorado and there is no requirements

What is the Make and Model of your “Pro Series” CRM?

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I sent you a PM.

Safety series pro 3 is the radon detectors i use and I use horizon for my crm and reporting

That is not a professional crm. Not approved by NRPP.

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Based on what I was able to find, @wbernauer is correct. If you step up to an NRPP approved CRM, there would be software available for it. All you would pretty much need to do is fill in the client info on the report and send it. No need to make a template…

Are you saying carson dunlop horizon isn’t a approved software for home inspections?

What they’re saying is the monitor that you’ve been using is not approved for someone to use that charges a fee, and/or during a real estate transaction.


That is what I was saying!

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All approved crm’s will have their own software. It will show hourly readings and the average on the report. How can you get a report made up with the device you use, when it only shows a display? You can not get the hourly reports. This is why we test for 48 hours. As the levels will rise and fall dramatically.

You should be using charcoal canisters if you can’t afford a real CRM. They will get a report from a lab with the results.

But real estate transactions need 2 canisters places.

Don’t wait to turn in your reports till the end of the radon test. It is a separate report, just like termite.

The CRM I use has gps and motion detectors, so you know if it was touched or moved. Home owners like to mess with the test to get good results.