Radon test in a school. How to charge?

Has anyone done Radon testing for a school?
We have been ask to submit a bid as a subcontractor for 170 classrooms with 1 charcoal canister per room. We have never done a commercial project like this & are trying to figure up a price…is there a “going” rate for bulk testing?
We will travel with their custodian to 9 different buildings, so we have no additional fuel usage only our time.
Our cost will be approx $10 each for canister/lab & shipping. We normally get $125 for a residential radon test w/ 2 electrets, but we know they will not pay any where near that. We were thinking about $30 per room/canister.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

I’m sure you have, but make sure you understand the insurance requirements to perform this work. My local school district requires $5 mil aggregate and $3 mil E&O. They obviously want to keep the small firms out of the running.

I think you have a good start.

I would use two per room, and do an average. Failures can happen. Make sure you use seal tape on the doors and windows. I would figure about $40 per room. If they call you, that means that all of the others are too high; stand by your price.

One thing I would consider is the method by which you handle and track all those tests, that by its self is a pretty major undertaking, once you’ve determined a method you can factor that into your time cost.

Good info here:


There will be alot of paperwork involved. Consider that in your fee also.

I have done testing of schools (Private & Public)
and last being West Chester State University for a multi-building purchase…

We charge a fee for each placement up to 1500 - 2000 square feet.
4000 square = 2 monitors / 2 tests / 2 fees

Hello All. Does anyone know what the requirements are for school testing? Are there certain licenses needed, etc? Thank you!