Charge for Charcoal Canisters in a Multi Family

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Can you give me some advice on how much to charge for a 300+ apartment building for placing charcoal canisters? The canisters are $48. What is the recommended percentage above that for performing the test?

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Who the hell are you paying $48 to? That is outrageous! I don’t pay that including O/nite return shipping!

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Accustar PicoCan 400 Charcoal Canisters | Sylvane

What is the lay out of the units, building (s)?

RaData is $35 including overnight shipping by UPS


ANSI Standards have been published for radon testing and mitigation of single-family homes, multi-family residences and large buildings. I recommend anyone who is testing or mitigating professionally to become familiar with these and follow them. There also may be state requirements for professional radon testing or mitigation of large properties. I am not an attorney, but if published standards are not followed without justification or explanation, I would think you may be responsible for additional work, or even damages, in the event of a a dispute.

Access to ANSI Radon Standards is available through membership in AARST.
They also may be purchased here Radon Testing Standards.

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My typical cost is $350 for mold inspections. I use the Zefron air pump though.

This conversation is about Radon, not Mold.