Radon Test Kits - AirChek

I received radon test results from AirChek (4.6) today and their report recommends another short term test or a long term test. I looked at a few of my other old AirChek reports where readings were high and the reports recommend mitigation. I’m thinking the reason for using two test kits are to expedite the process for real estate transactions (and for validation). I called AirChek and there seemed to be some confusion in their response. What are your thoughts?

If you only used one air chek you did not follow established protocols for real estate transactions. Sorry.

They won’t give you the results if you only use one and circle “real estate transaction” Mike.

In a real estate transaction there is no time for another short term or long term test which is why duplicates are needed.

I do duplicates on all tests regardless.

I do not know what he did. Do you?

I take a photo of my filled out packets before shipping just so there are no questions.

Me too. I sent **two **in like I always do. I just questioned why they are recommending “another short term or long term test” instead of mitigation.

Because if results come back 4-9.9 picocuries you recommend a re-test long term preferably not mitigation.

If they are higher than 4 pico after the next test than mitigation is recommended.


Which is part of my question. I have AirChek reports in the 5.6 range where they recommended mitigation, not further testing.

Weird maybe I will look back on mine. Maybe they changed their mind lol

Call your state Radon office.

Just got it resolved through AirChek and received an updated report recommending mediation. Somewhere along the lines they used non-real estate reporting. First issue I’ve had with them (they’ve always been prompt with results).

Roll with continuous monitors. It is the way to go.

I did for a while (Sun Nuclear 1027) but since I only do a couple of radon tests per month, using AirChek with HG upload seems to work for me (except for this one hiccup :roll:)

I have been using Air-Chek kits now for 15 years, with rarely a problem. You need to use two “red” kits, and make sure they are filled out properly.

They recently changed the red kits, to a thinner package. Not as good as the old ones. I have complained to them about that. Clients really like the lab reports, and not just some numbers from a machine.

Newbie here. Passed Radon Measurement Exam yesterday and sending NRPP paperwork off today.
What do you guys generally charge for a 2 - 4 Air Chek test. How long do you expect to get your results after shipping the tests back to Air Chek?


Depends on the day you test.

I always overnight them with next day results. Weekends will extend the result time, since they are closed Saturday and Sundays. Two kits, cost of shipping, your travel time, add some profit, that is what you charge.

Thanks Gary.

What is HG updload?

I agree completely with all of that. I am currently using 60+ radon test kits per week between MD, D/C. and VA and of course the new Environmental testing company I recently hooked up with. I have never had an issues with air chek, calibrations being questioned etc… reports etc… never a single issue.


It was. Never had a problem before, or after. Just a one time hiccup. I really like how their radon report uploads next to the inspection report.