Radon test QA

Kentucky is implementing a certification (tax) program for radon testers and mitigation companies and while it’s a typical governmental mess…part of the requirement is a QA plan.
Does anyone have a QA template that could be used as reinventing the wheel seems burdensome as I have read the “requirement” and understand they are basically taken from other state requirements such as illinoise .

A template would extremely helpful in expediting this process so we can be ready when the injunction that InterNACHI filled has been resolved.

Check with the company that is providing the equipment that you will be using.
An example would be Sun Nuclear which offers a QA ($50) for use of their equipment

Thanks, I have sun machines…never thought of them

We have it in our radon course: http://education.nachi.org/show.php?element_id=6004&course_id=159

Thanks, I have taken this coursework,and this is helpful. Actually I was looking for a template that is formatted and has all the basic requirements and all we would need to do is “fill in the blanks”.
Yes I’m looking for the “easy” button…lol

Just email Sun Nuclear Support and request a QA template. They sent me one for my 1030 at no cost. If you are using a different device I am sure if you contact support for the specific device they will send you one.