Radon Test Vacant Lot

Hello Everyone,
I had a call today from a oman who wanted a radon test done on a vacant lot. Can you do this? What type of equipment would you need?
Any Suggestions?


Check out www.radon.com
their open land test kit probably best for the uncertified home inspector.
Air chek, inc. the best place for radon test kits.

Doug Wall, CIE
Radon & Mold Professionals

Isn’t that interesting I got an email today also regarding radon testing on a vacant land in an area not far from here.

Hello Paul,
Did you perform the test?

Hi Mark, No. I just go the email today and answered some basic questions and talked about construction methods. Its a bit out of my range to go for a simple radon test. I just found it quite funny that you got a call about a vacant lot on the very same day I get a email on a vacant lot. I can count on one hand the number of radon inquires I get per year - although I still continue to offer it. ](*,)

It is impossible to test a vacant lot and receive accurate results representative of what future construction conditions may be and/or yield.

What is the purpose and intention of the test?

I saw a play house kit at lowes. It would be kewl to bring a 1/16 scale house on the lot, and then run a test inside that. :wink:


Mark, did you ever call Air-Chek and ask them about their land Radon test kits?
Did you do the test for the client?
I use Air-Chek for my Radon testing. Very happy with them.

I was told directly from EPA that lot testing will tell you nothing.

Once you put the house on it, all things will change.

Also, EPA recommends re-testing after remodeling. Why, because things change again.

The building creates a stack effect. The wind against the building causes positive and negative pressures throughout the building, changing with the wind. If you don’t have a building, you have nothing to test.

EPA lists background and outdoor air concentrations everywhere. This still has little use in predicting Radon levels.

The best way to control the effects of Radon is to build the house right in the first place.