Radon testing airthing

Thanks John. Sounds like this is an OK unit then. May replace my sun nuclear with one of these next year. The sun-n requires annual calibration also.

Hello Robert,
How about $550.00?

I have 2 AirThings Corentium Pros. I had a client that had the home unit that was reading 14.3pCi/L…I provided testing with my unit…reading was 14.6. The report format is nice and recently updated to include a lot of the information I use to have to type in to the report.

Im selling a few 1028s. Ill sell for $550 each or $500 for more than one. 4438717523.

Yes I would do 550 for 1. Ill do $500 each if you buy more than 1. I am selling off these units as I have bought some 1028XP units.

Robert, how many do you have? What the calibration date? They increased the price for calibration now to $180.00

Calibration is another thing…

No, I’m not interested is Sun, only Corentium Pro

Yes I’ll do 550. I have a few people contacting me but it is confusing on this form. Can you call me at 443-871-7523 and we can work it out?

I have a few different machines at different prices due to calibration dates and age. Give me a call at 443-871-7523.

Hello Patrick:
Thanks for the Feedback. This is Glen from the Airthings Technical Support area. We are looking to improve the support area. One of the things we did was implemented a phone number for some live support. It is only open a short time 10amcst-2pmcst, but you can leave a message at any time. The online chat option, once you get through the general BOT questions goes directly to the support desk. We are also trying to improve the communication to the customers as well.
As always, Thank you for your feedback.


Welcome Glen! Any thoughts about discounts on your products for InterNACHI members? Seems it would be a good sales marketing tool.

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Glen was very helpful to me when I called for customer service a couple months ago. Thank you Glen Daniels.

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Hello Thomas;
I would be more than happy to check with our sales department about any current or future promos, especially for InterNACHI members.
Let me get back to you.

Hello Thomas;
I am just following up on the information you were looking for.
We currently don’t offer any discounts specific to organizations, but it is something that will be discussed in the future.
There is a Facebook page (Facebook Groups) where issues and sales are discussed and advertised that may help.
Also; As an FYI, starting in the first week of March there will be a $200 discount for new orders, and this will last to the end of the month.
I know many members don’t want to see advertising on this website, I am only mentioning since you inquired.
Hope this helps,

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Thanks Glen!

Two of my radon monitors are Airthings Correntium Pro, and they are excellent.