Radon testing equipment

I just got my HI license in Kentucky I have got a mold tester certification here at Inachi, and am in the process of doing the Radon certification (about half way through) plan on finishing this week) I need advise on what testing equipment to buy??? Can’t find anything on inspector outlet. I’m sure the class will tell me but I’d like to order so when I’m done I’ll be ready for home inspections here in the Louisville area. Most HI s here include or have radon added to the inspection.
Doug Stocker

I use the Sun Nuclear 1028. Store - Radon

Below is a list of approved devices.

Rad Elec Inc.

I use Rad Elec Inc. Happy with it and very easy to set up and understand protocols.

Does Kentucky regulate Radon/Mold, and do they require a State issued license to provide Radon/Mold services?? The InterNachi “Certificate” doesn’t mean squat in regards to being “legal” to provide these services.