RADONEYE PRO for inspections

Is anyone using the Ecosense Radoneye Pro radon monitor for their inspections and, if so, what feedback do you have to offer? Currently using Corentium Pro units but the price difference makes me want to look at these if they are on the same accuracy and reliability level. Thanks for any feedback!

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I have the “non-Pro” RD200 version of this, looks exactly the same but is about 1/4 the cost. I don’t use it officially for inspections but have set it up side by side many times with my Sun Nuclear CM. It has always read very close to what I get with the CM. My personal feeling is since it (Pro) is approved by NRPP and NRSB, I see nor reason not to use it. I’ll bet the “Pro” is the exact same as the RD200 I have, looks like the same app also. However they probably had to submit the tests and some $$$$ to NRPP and NRSB for certification, Slapped an extra label on the RD200 and can the charge $800…But still much less than most all other “Approved” CMs out their. (Competition is great for us)

(This much like the voltage regulator model # XXXX-XXX made by “Ford” that would fit in a 68 Ford Falcon or your Cessna 150-172…however the ones to be used on your Cessna would simply have a TSO Number (sticker applied) that increased the price about six fold).