rafter joist cut

Hi new to this. Just trying to get some clarification is regard to a cut rafter joist to install pull down stairs. 3 joists were cut there was no sister joists added to existing full joists next to the ones cut. I do not see any signs of sagging or wall bowing. Should this be called out as defect if no visible signs of structural damage… fyi home built in 1945.

Yes , Write it up as.
** Rafter has been cut needs repair by qualified contractor.**

You have CYA and what they do is now their problem.

thanks Roy

Personally, I would need to have more info before making a statement like Roys. Got any pics of your concern? What is the exact location of the access? Are theses Trusses or ceiling joists? More, more, more…

Google installing pull down attic stairs.

With rafters, they could look something like this:


I just had 3 damaged trusses last week. :shock:

Here was one from the other day, same situation, attic stairs installed, trusses cut!