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OK I know I have found the proper method of rafter splicing in the IRC before, but now I can’t.

Can anyone give me the code reference on this?

I know it states the angle and that it must be sandwiched with to lengths of decking with something like 7 nails.

Help I'm tired and I can't read my code book. ![icon_eek.gif](upload://yuxgmvDDEGIQPAyP9sRnK0D0CCY.gif)

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Are you talking about splicing a roof rafter along the span? I don’t think thats allowed by the IRC, and would be a special design. Maybe a certain method is common in a given area if the rafter is being spliced near the ends, but I wouldn’t guess on that.

Is this related to a home inspection? If so, you should just bail to a qualified SE or framing contractor depending on the situation.

Or perhaps you are talking about the required heel connection between a rafter and a ceiling joist used as a rafter tie ... that would be IRC Table R802.5.1.9 ... ![icon_wink.gif](upload://ssT9V5t45yjlgXqiFRXL04eXtqw.gif)

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