Rafter tied to every 3rd joist

Can someone point me to a good educational resource to better understand this framing method.

There is only one rafter tied to a joist every 3rd joist. This is over a garage attached to a house.

I researched interNACHI, journal of light construction and my code check 2nd ed book and must have missed it. So I’d like to learn more.

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Stephen Rager
Champion Home Inspection

There’s nothing “wrong” with the “method” assuming the spacing(s) are proper.

Need a whole lot more info if you expect a more qualified reply.

24" oc rafters, 16" oc cj, what do you expect? They only coincide every 48"

The OP assumed both had to be 24" O.C

The OP didn’t provide any specific details, thus my reply.

Don’t go and make me sic Mr. Anderson on you! :shock:

Bad assumption.

Let me clarify, I’m looking for educational resources regarding the methods used in this style of framing. I want to be an better educated inspector.

I should have taken measurements at the time of the inspection but did not. I stated nothing regarding this being correct or incorrect. It is correct, which begs the question while code is a minimum is this a best practice?

Is there a particular book, article or internet reference you can recommend that someone not as familiar with these practices can more familiarize themselves?

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Stephen Rager

That is basic beginner stuff you are looking for on professionals websites. You need the DIY and Handyman sites to learn Construction Methods 101.

Maybe this will help http://www.carpentry-pro-framer.com

Thank you Frank, good info.

Sometimes I forget we weren’t all carpenters.

Only required for advanced framing / single top plates


Try this site: http://www.free-ed.net/free-ed/Resources/Trades/carpentry/Building01/default.asp?iNum=0804

Thank you for the resource that was helpful and explained what I inspected as well.

Stephen, May I please have permission to use your image on an InterNACHI course?


Kenton Shepard kenton@internachi.org