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I learned something new yesterday. I was at a friends house for a social visit and he mentioned that several years ago he had a contractor come in and build up the sunken floor of his living room to the same level as the rest of his house. So I looked around and seen that the outlets in the living room were about 2" above the new floor level whereas the outlets elsewhere were at +/- 12" above finish floor.

From now on when I do home inspection i will certainly be looking for those low on the wall outlets and point them out in my reports.

The new floor seemed very sturdy as there were about 12 people on it plus furniture and the floor didn’t sag or bounce when people walked on it.

My friend said there was 2 layers of 3/4" plywood over wood framing and I think the floor was raised about 10"

Have you ever come across anything like this?

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Hey Fred; I bump into that sealed sleeper type system maybe a couple times per month. I normally notice the hollow sound of being off slab. I’ve noticed an increase of mold and or termite related issues involving

these systems. Lack of ventilation, water intrusion, ect… If it has carpeting, I’ll pull a very small section in a exterior corner wall and take

a peak. I normally list it as being inaccessible and refer to the termite

report for additional inspection and or information. I’ve been on a

couple where the termite inspector asked to open the area for further inspection. Depending on joist configuration and limited height you don’t get to see much. icon_idea.gif

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I get lots of requests to provide engineering on such changes. If the house is slab on grad I recommend doing a concrete over pour. Otherwise you get the hollow sound Will pointed out.