Rake side of Roof

Where is and why do they call the rake side of a roof?

Maybe this will help


Rake = The inclined edge of a pitched roof over an end wall.

A rake is an architectural term for an eave or cornice which runs along the gable end of the roof of a modern residential structure. It may also be called a sloping cornice, a raking cornice. The trim and rafters at this edge are called rake-, verge-, or barge-board or verge- or barge-rafter. It is a sloped timber on the outside facing edge of a roof running between the ridge and the eave.[/ATTACH]


This is also why we have a rake wall on a gable end. It supports the rake or ladder as it is more commonly known.

Thank you guys, No more questioning what the rake side of a roof is. I kind of figured it to be right there on the incline side but each time I ran across it I didn’t see anythng to confirm it. That helps me a great deal. Hey, one could get spoiled on this forum. That worked out way too easy.

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