Ran into my first geothermal system today

Is there any way to inspect these systems? I’ve never seem one before and to be honest other than looking at the filter I was a little lost. :shock:

Funny, but I saw one of my first yesterday too ! It was sourced out of a lake north of Kingston, and other than operating it, there didn’t seem to be much I could do either.

Maybe the scriptwriters in Colorado can do a little research and mayhaps come up with something?

some good info here www.waterfurnace.com

Thanks for the link. Now I will know what I’m looking at.

Looking at it is all I did at my inspection. There must be some way of testing the circulating system on these units. I feel I’m not performing a complete inspection until I’ve tested the HVAC.

This was discussed on a previous thread at http://www.nachi.org/forum/f52/geo-thermal-heating-systems-32904/ Some more info youmay want to check out.

Having a geothermal system, the technology is so new, even those installing and repairing/troubleshooting them are clueless. I, myself, would advise the buyer to have the system inspected by a qualified person who specalizes in that system. There are just to many things that can and do go wrong, why increase you liability on a system you do not fully understand???