Never inspected a Geo-Thermal unit. Any links, advice, instruction, etc. Have one today that I was under the impression it was typical GFA. Surprise, Surprise!
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I’ve got all sorts of links for Geo-Thermal education. Basically, simply check for adequate heating/cooling and report your results.

1) **About Geothermal by: Cornbelt Energy **](

**2) Geothermal Resource Council **

3) US Department of Energy
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy](

**4) Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium **

5) Energy Information Administration
Official Energy Statistics for the US Government](

Excellent David, I will add these to my library. Is there any other items I should be looking for? Is it okay to operate in both modes?
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I do not inspect A/C mode if weather is under 65 degrees. Make sure you note what you did and did not inspect and why.

I inspect heat in both hot and cold weather. Some inspectors (here) may have issues with inspecting heat in the summer months, but I never had problems with this.

Thanks David for the links and advice

Here is a link, they make a pretty good unit and the site has lost of info.

Some one will be along soon to comment David that is why I like this place.