RE Agents will be able to get all their CE for free if they know an InterNACHI member

In 2013, InterNACHI will be reconfiguring all of it’s many, already-approved, inspection courses so that they are geared toward training real estate agents. InterNACHI will then acquire real estate board approval so that real estate agents can earn their required continuing education, online, conveniently, when they want to take them, at their own pace… FOR FREE.

Each InterNACHI member will be given a reusable real estate agent passcode. Members can give this passcode to real estate agents. Real estate agents can use the passcode to access and fulfill their continuing education for their real estate license, online, for free.

Licensed real estate agents desiring to fulfill their required continuing education online and for free should contact their local InterNACHI inspector for the passcode.

A whopper of a banana peel.

Yep. Thank James and Billy for pushing me.

I mean one whopper of a legal banana peel. Conflict written all over it, no? :wink:

That is what we are here for.:smiley: Great idea! Keep it coming!

No conflict. Just providing education to Realtors. No different than an inspector conducting a presentation about water heaters at a real estate office meeting. Since it will be for credits, it will be better received by Realtors. I did something similar with the help of NACHI years ago.

NACHI is already approved as an education provider in Missouri

OH Boy!!! I like the concept, but I see a potential for abuse.

As stated in my post on the other forum. Could there be a way for InterNACHI to promote Certified Professional Inspectors, and Certified Master Inspectors as the best choice for property inspections to the NAR.
If InterNACHI can get the NAR to promote the use of its inspectors that would clear up alot of the perceived ASHI / REALTOR love.

The local inspector will still need to market themselves as the best inspector of choice, for their area, without the perceived need of a dual membership.

Innovative. Outstanding idea!

Thanks for the link, however, this offer comes with a twist (pass-code), secondly, would the instructors work for “free” …forever?

Does this include FREE proctoring of exams?

The courses will be online, so only the labor spent is adapting current courses to a Realtor format. If any inspectors want to hold a class, like I did, they got to do the leg work and they got to teach it or get another member to teach it, but I am sure NACHI will supply any other help needed.
The passcode is no different then our membership passcode. You need to hold these courses up high and elite or the perceived value is a lot less.

Elite learning et al are not going to be amused. They charge for their CE and have a solid footing. I’m afraid this may give bad name luring Realtors. We would be digging our own…! Besides, bad publicity we don’t need.

I’m going to give them away… by the millions. This time next year… the entire real estate community will be coming to InterNACHI to take their free continuing education courses.

For Florida I say, BS. You heard it here first. It’s another promise that will be in the crapper. Hats off for the attempt but no way is NAR going to loose CE money to Home Inspectors and neither is local Real Estate Boards. Real Estate boards only exist because of the CE’s.

Try if you like, but its another one of the ideas that lead to a brick wall.


We’re pretty good at getting things done at InterNACHI: Scroll down on that link a little.

Bwaah ha ha…

So is that a wager? Put your money where you mouth is…

LOL. Reminds me other predictions from the past: the FL DBPR will never approve our online courses for pre-licensing and continuing education, that I couldn’t stop contractors from offering inspections as lead generators for repair work, that I’d never get legislation enacted that exempted us from having to have a mold assessor’s license to do mold inspections, that the CILB would never approve our Wind Mitigation course, that we won’t be able to keep even 1,000 members in FL a year after licensing is enacted.

Not wise to bet against InterNACHI.

Did you pay up the last time you lost? Inspectors are exempt from having to have a mold assessor’s license to do mold tests. You lost. Did you ever pay?

That is not the case. Did you ever get it in writing from the DBPR? Show me the ruling from DBPR and I will pay. Not some obscure BS…So me where the DBPR has made a ruling on the issue. Bet you can’t.