Re-appearing Black Spots


I’ve been involved in looking at the interior of a house where black spots keep regularly reappearing…

They look like something dropping or sprayed, as they are always on a horizontal surface (floor, cushions on sofa, etc) and always seem to appear in small groups, perhaps up to 20 or so in number.

On the laminate floor, they appear as slightly raised black dots (I thought they might have been some insect eggs at first) but on fabric, they seem more like a liquid that runs into the fabrics threads.

They are easy to remove/wash out, but are continuously re-appearing in different places around the property, and I was wondering if anyone has come across this before and knows anything about it?

I’ve included a photo of some of the dots, which may help with my explanation.

Thanks in advance!


They look like some sort of animal/bird droppings to me.

Hard to tell from the picture but reminds me of roach excretment.
Check inside the hinges of kitchen cabinets and let me know what you see.
Also look behind the stove.

Looks like wabbit turds. Do you have a wabbit?

I was thinking mouse poops, but it’s really hard to tell from the pics.

Looks like Michael J. Fox has been running around with a fountain pen.

(Oh, gawd…did I really say that?)

Kinda looks like mouse terds ta me too, just did basement (rod holes) and saw something like this,showed the HO and they said they have mice in bsmt

Mice with the green apple quickstep, but I can’t tell the size. R. Elliott may be right on this one.Looks like roach eggs on second look at 1st photo.

It doesn’t look like mouse droppings to me. Mice leave feces which are like small grains of rice. Their droppings are well formed, not runny or misformed.

Also check the silverware drawer…(sound gross but check anyway).

Thanks everyone for your help. I’ve heard that these might also be fly droppings?

Each cirle in each group is about 0.3mm, and are slightly raised (when on a solid surface) - I’m guessing that they’re liquid(ish) when made and solidify over time.

Another possibility I’ve read today mentions what’s left when a fly regurgitates what it’s previously eaten to re-digest it, and then gets disturbed and flies off.

Does any of this sound realistic?

Thanks again guys!

Might be runny if they had Chinese!! :shock: :mrgreen:

I just saw one move!

I guess you never checked the hinge areas.

msg will cause that kind of staining. :mrgreen:

I think the BB may have hit an all time low. Educated and experienced HIs analyzing and seriously discussing rodent, fly and bug $hit. Did you try tasting it?

Actually, it looks like bat guano and sounds like it from the description. They go in the same place each time they leave their roost. Too big for insect and too liquid for rodent.

Well, gee, the second picture, though fuzzy, looks as if some of those spots have legs…M r bugs! Perhaps if we could have a well-focused pic or two…

face on mars.jpgHere you go.