Re-inspection program update

Inspection Program Report
June 2012
Actuarial and Underwriting Committee / Board of Governors

DAMN!! According to the report 72% of all Wind Mitagation reports are still WRONG!!
How many of you have been asked to defend your inspection report???

Not yet.

Sometimes I explain stuff.

72% because they are reinspecting old forms with new forms/guidelines. They are not comparing apples against apples. IT’S SIMPLE…require the new form and be done with it.

Anything else is a waste of money. Reinspectors are not more accurate…just using new criteria. :confused:

Out of 15K only a handful have been wrong. Some have been changed because of the form change. We are always willing to look at and fight re-inspections if need be.

I will fight them all as well.
Call 954-922-0584 if you feel like anyone is taking advantage of you.

You will never see the stats of what percent of the reinspections are/were wrong.

72% of original WM’s are indeed done incorrectly. Some is new guidelines, but most is shear incompetance or out and out fraud. If you were doing these, you would know that. I am not referencing you guys, but there has been an awful lot of drive-bys done in the past.

that is the prettiest report I have ever seen. thanks for sharing this, John.

Bruce and myself have also done a lot a lot of re inspections and would totally agree with this post.

Here it is Carl

I had to explain to an agent yesterday why a home with a flat roof isn’t checked flat roof on the form! :mrgreen:

Then, we have more good news:

As I have been saying, five years from now, wind mitigation inspection will be a forgotten phrase.

I wouldn’t even give it 5 years—maybe 2. The insurance lobbyists love the negative information and non compliance so that they can throw up their hands to the legislature and say that this is just not working. That will give the “powers that be” the ammunition to abandon the program as ineffectual. Wait and see…

Where has this happened before? :mrgreen:

Deja vu :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

“Nothing is so perminant as a temporary goverment program.” Milton Freidman

it will be around as long as some one can use it to get votes.

Here is all of it:

Personal Residential Policies: Loss-Payment Reduction for Failure to Close and Secure Shutters
ATB # 014-12 – July 25, 2012
Citizens is amending its Windstorm Protective Devices endorsement forms to add a penalty that will reduce claim payments for partial Windstorm or Hail coverage if policyholders who receive an Opening Protection premium credit do not close and secure shutters or other opening protection devices during a tropical storm or hurricane watch or warning from the National Weather Service for any location within the state of Florida.
This change will be effective:
September 1, 2012 – new business October 1, 2012 – renewals

The level of impact- and pressure-rated opening protection in place will determine the credit applied to the policy and the amount of loss reduction. The payment for partial Windstorm or Hail coverage on Coverages A, C and D [and Coverage E for Dwelling Property 3 – Special Form (CIT DP-3) and Dwelling Property 2 – Wind Only Form (DW-2) policies] will be reduced by:
9 percent – Class B – Basic
15 percent – Class A – Hurricane

The loss payment reduction does not apply to tenant or mobile-home policies or in the case of a total loss.