Wind Mitigation

The program is like a child with building blocks, the child keeps building and it all falls down, it goes on on until Mom trips on the blocks a few times and then Mom says, that is enough and the blocks goes in the garbage.

The program is nothing more than a game for the insurance company, so when we do get a storm and we all know it is going to happen, they can say the inspector is at fault for writing the report wrong.

Sorry Mr.& Mrs. Smith you are not covered for this if I were you I would call your Inspector who did the Wind Mitigation and take it up with them!

But thanks to this wonderful program a lot of inspectors have made a lot of money. Some have based their whole business on it. Where will they be when credits are no longer given out in five years (if Citizens has their way)

The whole thing has turned into a joke, especially with the re-inspections. If they are going to -re-inspect all the ones that we do, why doesn’t the insurance company just pay to have them done in the first place. Disputes should then come from the private sector. After all, according to some of the posts, some of these insurance companies will only look at the re-inspections as being final.

Al - you have probably hit the nail on the head. They are just looking for someone to blame. However, if they conform to their latest re-inspections as being final, the consumer may finally have the last laugh

Do we really need posts like this on the board? We all know it sucks, lets not clutter up the message board with things that are not constructive please.

Fred speaks the truth and you all better damn sure believe when the shot hits the fan the crap will roll down hill straight to you.


Why stop now. This has been going on for years on this board.

And this is the crap I, and others, have been talking about.The following is from your web site.

“If you do not receive a discount on your homeowners insurance from your wind mitigation inspection we will refund your payment! and completed the inspection in about 15 minutes”.

You tout the lowest price (wonder what that is), don’t charge if there is no discount (you should know before you go out or your reports may not be accurate), and you complete them in 15 minutes (do you wear a superman cape?)

Come on bill, everyone has to make a living!

You may have to lower your price Kevin, Mike is 5 dollars less!:mrgreen:

And as Bill said, this will all be moot in less than five years. Watch and see. I also predict that when the wind mitigation program is scrapped, about half of the licensed home inspectors will mysteriously vanish!

It may have been going on for years but its still unnecessary to make a new thread just to piss and moan when these feelings are universal. Im not trying to be a dick, but I do read every single thread on here. It is a waste of my time to have to click on and read through a post/thread like this with no benefit to myself or anyone else on the forums.

Its easy to guarantee a discount. I speak with them on the phone and ask how old their home is to know if it will have clips/straps, or if they have had a new roof put on after 3/2002. If they meet these criteria I do the inspection for them, and as required by state law they receive a discount. Whats wrong with guaranteeing it? If I arrive and the straps do not meet the forms requirements and/or they have no items which meet the form (lets say an old 1940’s home) I just inform them of that. I don’t do the report and do not charge them anything. Pretty simple.

I definitely don’t tout the lowest price as I loose people every day looking for a better price. A wind mitigation can easily be completed in 15 minutes if you know what you doing, what to look for and how to find it. Your literally wasting your time if you spend more than 30 minutes doing a wind mitigation inspection. Unless of course you have to crawl way back into an attic and move a bunch of insulation around to see the clips.

[FONT=Verdana][size=]F.S. 468.8319

(i) Accept an engagement to make an omission or prepare a report in which the inspection itself, or the fee payable for the inspection, is contingent upon either the conclusions in the report, pre-established findings, or the close of escrow.
(2) Any person who is found to be in violation of any provision of this section commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

Refund if they do not receive a discount is a big no no. It was put into action to remove the temptation to falsify a report to guarantee the HI’s fee.


Im not giving refunds if they do not get a discount, I am outright not doing the inspection and accepting any money if there are no credits to be had. Never had anyone call and ask for a refund. But it looks like maybe I should change the wording on my website to avoid getting charged with a misdemeanor :roll:

And to further that these are discount forms and have no bearing on if an insurer will write insurance on a house. The ins companies have to follow state statutes to deny coverage or flat cancel your policy. There is no liability that will fall to anyone here in relation to that. If you believe otherwise, well so be it, but you’re wasting your breath. Also Kevin is correct, he is fine, I somewhat follow along the same lines, I try and prescreen folks on the phone ahead of time as best I can.

There is a methodology which is accepted and time honored and the required manner in which these inspections are to be done. The more recent photograph requirements add to the time required. If you follow all the guidelines and take all the proper photos it is immpossible to do the inspection and complete a report in 20 minutes let alone 15. They all take me over 30 minutes, So you think doing it right is wasting time?

I would say it could be done in 30 minutes.I get as much information as I can before I even go to the property. I do a permit search, go to the appraisers website and in most instances, it takes less that 10 minutes.
I am doing an inspection Monday and Tuesday. On both homes I already have the building permit dates, the roof permit dates, and the shutter permit dates. All I have to do now is verify that everything is there.

Of course these are done in conjunction with the home inspection, so I’ll probably only take 10 minutes! :mrgreen:

I know taking more than 30 minutes is wasting MY time. The new form did not add any additional photos or time for me, it actually saved some time not having to worry about wall type reinforced vs non reinforced. You must be walking really slow or have a super huge ladder to set up that takes 10 minutes, or exclusively inspecting pre-1950’s homes? Please give a breakdown of your process and the minutes each item takes you. I would honestly like to know. Maybe I am missing/skipping something that should be vital to the inspection.

You are probably not viewing at least two attachments on three walls.

OK, me too so in total that would be 40 minutes, right? I wasn’t leaving that office work out. Another thing I wouldn’t leave out is customer courtesy. I don’t go to the door, tell them open the garage overhead door and hand them a card and tell them I’ll be done in 20 minutes so go write me a check. What about the shutter photos or documents for shutters, windows etc. Sometimes they can prove they have this stuff here but lack the permitting info How many of us are actually timing these things? You all can do as you want it’s your buisiness. I don’t feel like debating I just want to know what the rush is. I don’t take an hour either. They only take me an extra ten minutes when I’m doing the home inspection too.

What about adding in drive time to and from the job?:mrgreen:

I think everyone should take as much time as needed to get everything done correctly. If it takes you 10 minutes, as long as it is correct. To state that it takes x amount of time and if you take longer it is a waste of time, is a ridiculous statement.

I take three hours or longer at an inspection. My home, took 15 minutes.
The clients needs are what need to be satisfied and however long it takes, that is how much time you need to take.

Me too. I hear crap about it as well from the used house sales people. It takes time to look at everything, plain and simple.

I am considering a team approach and going after high end clients.

I cannot stand the folks that want cheap inspections. “when it comes to home inspections not insurance inspections”

If I were making the biggest investment of my life I would want the best and that normally sure as hell is not even near the cheapest or even the average price.

Time started: 10:30am
Time finished: 12:30pm
Inspection Fee: 200.00
Payment method: Check

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Thanks for the google juice and the mention of my sample report. Every click helps:)

Yep prices are a dropping. It sucks but whatever it takes to book the job.

Sad but true.

Most of my newest competition in the insurance inspections are gues what?


Licensed Home Inspectors. Thats right the new ista pros are driving prices lower than ever before.

The more folks that can do them the lower the price goes.

Simple ole timey business sense.
Supply and demand :frowning:

As always Mike, I am here to help!:wink:

By the by, did you give any thought to my suggestion about re-enforcing homes with toe nail connections?