It Is Getting Ridiculous

Ins agent calls today re: wind mit done 7 days ago.

She asks: Will they get a better credit with the new form?

Apparently she thinks I am a fortune teller and have nothing better to do than to play with stupid OIR Forms.

And for the next few months they will ask to get an old form transformed into a new form for…FREE! It happened the last time.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha FREE ha ha aha haha

Not a chance in hell. Not even discounted. New form = New inspection = New fee.

Better yet, a State Farm agent called me today and said that he needs me to get signed letters from the homeowners that I’ve used the new form on acknowledging that their credits won’t go into effect until February.

Hey Pete,

Just refer her to me. I love OIR form$…:mrgreen:

Tell her no.

You do not have to do any such thing.

You do not work for her and she must accept all wind mits submitted to her from qualified inspectors. Or she can pay someone else to do it. That is Florida law.

I would love it if anyone has the letter that was going around that states that. I lost mine. I would like to attach it to every mit I submit.

Will do right away, Jay. But, ‘she’ is a ‘he’ looking for action.

Don’t worry, bud, I’ll give you a great recommendation.

Go get it.


I agree with Mike…I remember seeing a letter a while ago saying if our reports were not accepted the Ins Co had to pay for another.

Wondering…if this is indeed the LAW, where could we go to find it?

Surely somebody has that reference or would know where to go looking.

See #8 here…

That looks good. Thanks Mike

Thanks Mike!

Patti Neri, President
US Building Inspectors, Inc.
“4 counties - 4 inspectors”
561-784-8811 - Palm Beaches
954-298-1128 - Broward
772-335-4259 - Martin/St. Lucie

"At its expense, the insurer may require that a uniform mitigation verification form provided by a policyholder, a policyholder’s agent, or an authorized mitigation inspector or inspection company be independently verified by an inspector, an inspection company, or an independent third-party quality assurance provider which possesses a quality assurance program before accepting the uniform mitigation verification form as valid."

Mike - this does not address providing more information. It address the re-inspection, and the fact the the insurance company has to pay for that. It never says anything about the insurance company having to pay for more information if requested.

I know the letter you are talking about and cannot find it either. If anyone has it Eric probably does

Here is the statute in pdf form.

Ask him, “Why would I do such a thing”? :mrgreen:

It has been ridiculous, it is just getting ridiculouser-er.

Heck I had an agent ask me the other day after a conversation about this subject and the agent asked me who the OIR was…:shock: dah!


I believe that for sure the Office of Insurance Regulation does not do crap. It is a complete joke and they do not look out for the consumers like they should.


Did you tear your shirt in an attic or did a dog attack you?