RE/MAX article on "How to Select a Home Inspector"

Obvious bias towards InterNACHI…

I agree :wink:

The Author/Realtor is very well known on Social Media. A call/letter to him from InterNachi with a SUGGESTED replacement paragraph would be in order, IMO.

I like the way it reads, especially:

That was the only part I liked, but even so, the subliminal messaging of the hyperlink placement (InterNACHI vs International Association of Certified Home Inspectors… as with ASHI) adds to the bias. It’s like burying the best inspectors towards the bottom of their inspector referral list so they get ‘lost’ in the mix.

To me the article says to use an ASHI member but if you can’t find one than here is an alternative.
That to me is extremely bias.

Done. The author re-wrote it for us. Hit refresh:

#1 - Ask the Real Estate Agent for a referral! LOL. Of course!
They’re always going to recommend the “best!” :wink:

No mention of CMI?


Much better. Kudos. :slight_smile:

That’s how it works here. :cool:

Or free gimmicks? :shock:

As far as I can tell, every CMI but one is an InterNACHI member.

I’m getting him to do an article on next.

Keith Heck is not a Nachi member but is a CMI.

Oh you’re right. He’s a home inspector in Alberta and the Alberta government uses CMI for licensing, so there are inspectors up there that became CMIs so as to get their licenses.

I like the article.

He does infer that all ASHI inspectors must have done at least 250 inspection, I believe it is to become a ASHI Certified inspector you must inspect at least 250 but you can be an ASHI inspector without that many inspections. “When you choose ASHI inspector, you’ll be working with someone who has passed rigorous technical examinations. In order for an inspector to get ASHI certified they must perform more than 250 professional inspections. It is essentially just another level of qualifications.” It is as if you are a member of ASHI you must be certified…

Yeah, the “rigorous technical examination” ASHI requires you to pass to obtain their highest ACI designation is the goofy NHIE, a minimum standard exam used by many states to license newbies fresh out of school. What kind of B.S. “society” uses the minimum standard newbie licensing exam (that every home inspector in that state has to pass) as the basis to award their highest professional designation? Rigorous technical examination? It’s the state exam that every newbie has to pass to be a home inspector! When I see the ASHI logo, I immediately think… bozo.

I do like that we came after ASHI in the article as ASHI is really just a stepping stone to InterNACHI.