Misleading article about ASHI?

The author of this article says ASHI offers membership once you go through their certification program? What certification program do you have to pass? http://edhtelegraph.com/detail/139006.html

You have to enter your credit card info. on the application, and your done. Even after that I still don’t think your certified.:roll:

wow thats crazy

This article is written by one who sells real estate and is probably indicative of her attention to detail and her personal integrity. Exploit it.

ASHI Certified requires 250 fee paid inspections, passing NHIE, and passing SOP and COE. To join ASHI: Check/credit card and can say your an assocIate member…not certified! Btw, NHIE not that difficult to achieve 500 passing score but much harder than iNACHI exam

NHIE $275. each time you take in classroom.Fail , another $275. to retest. Somebody is getting rich.

As stated, nothing needed to join.

There is also nothing needed to join INACHI, except send a Check for $289 and pass an un-proctored online test that anyone who knows how to use a computer can pass the first time. Oh yes, and you must sign an affidavit that you will do certain other tests and education that no one ever verifies.

INACHI offers some very good education and has some great benefits, but until the requirement bar is set higher, the organization is nothing more than a marketing machine, and a good one at that.

Now, I know I am going to take a lot of flack for this post, but the truth is the truth.

Well said Bill

What is the stats on the guys who join and do not meet Edu reqirements, and end up not NACHI verified after 45 days.

Wow I went to the ASHI website it says EVERYONE joines as an associate. So I guess you can be a cook, trash truck driver as long as you have the money for the dues your in!

Just thinking…when someone asks me if I’m a certified home inspector, I say yes. Afterall, I joined iNACHI for $289 after passing online test… bla bla bla. When someone asks me if I’m ASHI certified, I must say no because I have not yet completed 250 fee paid inspections(or at least sent in the final paper work to become fully ASHI certified). I have been asked the following: ARE you ASHI, Are you ASHI certified, Do you belong to ASHI etc. It all depends on how it’s asked on what answer I give so I’m technically not lying. NACHI is a great marketing tool and second to none with the educational opportunities but iNACHI has little recognition in my area…this is why I joined ASHI also. There are a few inspectors in my area that really tout the ASHI thing and I see are NACHI members also but they don’t advertise NACHI…I guess that will open up the whole duel member debate.Anyway, I don’t have a real point to make , just thinking out loud as I get tired of both associations comparing themselves and sometimes it is really not apples to apples.

Truth be known, certification i****s a marketing tool. In States where you are licensed you can be a novice, an experienced crotchety old bastard, a house painter, an out of work factory worker, etc. No one cares. As you are licensed by the State, therefore you must know what you are doing.

Taking the iNachi test does not Certifiy anyone…period. It simply means you have taken a test(s). Membership is just that, nothing more, nothing less. You can pay $25 and join the NRA, never owned or shot a gun. It just means you are a dues paid member. The sooner folks understand that, get off the Association bandwagons, start making business decisions for yourself and do all you can to be a great inspector, get all the (free and paid for) education you can to improve yourself the better off everyone and the industry will be. The ASHI guys all think or imagine themselves to be the gold standard for inspectors…NOT! NO association is the gold standard. The individual inspector has to be his or her own measuring stick and never stop learning. Every inspection is different, every house is different, every customer is different. When you think you know it all is when you will get your butt handed to you.

The rest of it is just a way to put you out there as somehow being more capable than the next guy. In some areas of the country, ASHI makes the difference between getting hired by a Realtor who doesn’t know anything about ASHI except they have heard the name, bought into the hype and now try to sound like they know what they are talking about. Join them all or join none of them, the bottom line is make yourself and your business successful and forget about Organizational politics. This pissing contest has been going on since before I got into the business over 15 yrs ago. It is some kind of macho BS that equates to how far one can pee up the wall to what caliber of inspector they are. It has done gone past silly to ridiculous a long time ago.

Wow, an associate as compared to “certified” after an online un-moderated exam. You would be in as an associate, are you saying that an ASHI associate is the same as a “certified” nachi member? Send in your check, take the online, non moderated exam(s), and try to sell yourself as “certified”. nachi is what it is, a way for some of you guys to get some benefits as a group. You wouldn’t believe the response I get when I explain to people that the nachi “certification” is an online exam.



How can you say requires all of that when no one is monitoring or enforcing this “requirement”

William, even though we perform random audits, you, like all members, have previously agreed to be responsible for abiding by our Code of Ethics and for keeping up with your InterNACHI and state requirements. InterNACHI has made it easy for you by providing each member with a free, unique, online CE log, auto updating your CE log for you every time you take an InterNACHI course, and providing you with tons of free, online state-approved educational options.

Whether or not you actually pay attention during a course, use that info on your inspections, act ethically or fall asleep in an attic on an inspection… is all up to you.

IMO the point here has been completely missed. The Realtor is her article gave ASHI a plug. She Recommended an ASHI or CREIA Inspector. The question here should be WHY did she recommend those Associations & not NACHI.

Answer - Because ASHI has succeeded in branding itself & it’s Inspectors as the best.

Truth is all Inspection associations have good & bad inspectors. But public perception is everything, especially when it comes to marketing.

Over 6 years ago there were a few of us on this BB requesting for NACHI to have proctored exams. It never happened. I still feel that NACHI would be more credible in the public’s eye & in the Real Estate world if they did.

If this Realtor has never heard of iNachi, what would a proctored exam do to change that? One has nothing to do with the other. The problem as I see it is some members / inspectors think it’s iNachi’s responsibility and purpose in life to make them successful. Plus they want it for free or as close to free as possible. The tools are there, it is up to the individual to do something with them.

P.S. Actually, most members never even post here. They understand what membership means.

She also said a “CERTIFIED” ASHI inspector. I don’t think that one exists. I don’t think ASHI certifies anyone they just collect members.