Re Roof - Missed Nails

More and more frequently I have been running into the situation where there are just to many missed nails to where I call it out as defect in the home inspection report and do not give it the credit in the wind mitigation form.

This is always fun in explaining it to the potential buyer and home owner, not to mention the RE agent(s).

I know the problem. However, I am unaware of the solution. What can a homeowner do in a situation like this? I am sure they can lawyer up and go after the roofing contractor but that’s time and effort. Even if successful, what can a roofer do at this point?

Is there an alternative to having to re do the roof entirely?


No, the only way to properly re-nail the deck is before it’s dried-in.
It all has to come off…

I refused to give credit on a 2 year old roof.
The roofer gave a “letter” saying if it was a problem after a windstorm he’d take care of it but that’s all.
I think they paid another lazy inspector south of me that ignored it.

I think they paid another lazy inspector south of me that ignored it.[/QUOTE]

Exactly, what most have done on my end as well - and I’m the “dick”

I had one that looked like that on every truss, I included 10 pics of just the misses, some with 3-4 trusses visible in the WM and never heard a word LOL

"Wood structural panel sheathing shall be fastened to roof framing with 8d ring-shank nails at 6 inches on center at edges and 6 inches on center at intermediate framing. "

Roof framing is not the same as “thin air”.