Re wind mitigation

Hello does anyone know if a wind mitigation can be written from a roof certificate if there is no permit pulled on time of installation?

Please elaborate a little more.
Do you mean giving it a code compliant designation - based on what.

If the client does not have a roof permit . Can the wind mitigation be don’t based on a roof certificate done by a previous inspection? To prove date of compliance for roof

No, the roof certificate is the inspectors opinion of the roof, the permit says the roof met the code at the time it was finalized.

Angela, your website brings this up:

I thought you’d like to know.

Sometimes when a large storm comes through the Property Appraiser will waive the permitting process, which doesn’t really make much sense in the long run, happens nonetheless. Seems it happened frequently when Wilma came through last (or so Homeowners claim). I just ask for the invoice to submit as proof of a new roof. You would be amazed how many times they don’t have it though!!!

It can’t be based solely on a certificate, you would still have to inspect it yourself with photos and under permit info, just mark “permit not found”, or unknown. Then it’s up to the insurance to look into it if they want to, especially if it’s around 2002/03 time frame. Otherwise they rely on the inspectors estimated life

Yes that is acceptable for the Four Point, but opinions don’t count when it comes to the Wind Mitigation.

Yes, you’re right… (long weekend) :crazy_face:

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