Real estate agent folder

Hey everyone I was curious about if any of you utilize a information folder that you hand out to agents with multiple useful resources for them as a marketing tool?

I do give my client a folder with some basic information along with a copy of their receipt, agreement, and SOP. Nothing to the agent. Can you give examples of info you’re thinking of passing along to the realtor?

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I provide my clients with a folder as well. I was just wondering if you provide realtors with a folder as a marketing tool when you introduce yourself.

I make sure they have my website and contact info so they can see all about me and can question me at will.

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That is the job of your business card and website.
I don’t know about your card, but your website is seriously lacking in any useful information.
I doubt any realtor gets past a 5 second glance, and potential clients maybe 10 seconds at best.
It’s very possible it is doing more harm than good.

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Thank you for your input. Would you be able to provide more input as far as improvements?

Dylan, I did a quick look and the first thing that stood out to me was the “dark” homepage with mostly your certs listed on it and a simple opening paragraph.

I would brighten up the homepage and have an introductory on why it’s important to have a home inspection during this market and why you can provide them with the assurance that they are making the right choice on getting one.

Move your credentials to a separate page. It bogs and blurs down the home page. Keep it as an additional reference page.

Play with the font coloring on your “About” me page. Some colors don’t blend well and you want to make sure it’s an easy “read” especially for people that color context issues.

Just a 2 cents from me. :wink:

And I wanted to add, by no means is my own website up to par. It surely needs an update. :shushing_face:


Thank you for your feedback

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