presentation for realtors

I have been asked to give a 30 min to 1 hour class to Realtors about “what is a home inspection” . Does anyone have a power point presentation they would like to share or even some great pictures I could use to help me create my own? Id prefer to have an editable version if there are any available. Thanks in advance

Check this out, hope this helps:D

I will send you one I made a couple of years ago. It will at least give you some ideas.

What is your email address Robert?

Read first few paragraphs of The thing is built for blowing away real estate offices.

Here is another idea that worked well for me many times:

I dont even know what that means Nick. What exactly are you giving the agents?

Greg, I sent you a pm

Rack cards with the positive talking points from my show-and-tell presentation. They can use those talking points whenever they list or show a property with the features I talked about in my presentations (ICFs, skylights, solar panels, whatever). They keep the rack cards in their glove compartments and regularly hand them out to their clients when they are showing a home with one of those features. So if the agent and their buyer notice an ICF foundation, the agent says… “Hey, I have some information (strength benefits, insulation benefits, etc) about this type of foundation in my glove compartment, I’ll run up to my car and get it.” Then the agent hands the prospective home buyer my rack card. I had 11 different rack cards (each for a unique system or component of a home). Agents would order more from me whenever they ran out (I gave them to agents for free). They would pass out thousands to consumers who all are about to buy a home and hire a home inspector in my local market.

I’m sure you can all guess what was printed on the back of all those rack cards. :wink:

Anyway, that’s how I got all the agents in my local market to hand out my business cards (rack cards with my business contact info on back) to all the consumers who were about to buy a home and hire a home inspector in my town.


I have 7 more presentations before the end of the year…so far. I was going to send you two examples, but your emails isn’t anywhere to be found on your website.

C’mon man…

I have one for realtors and liability that can be modified and one for new home buyers you can modify - but no email -

really? wth. Thanks Juan!

Good luck, Robert, that’s awesome. It’d be really nice if they’d record it for you and put it on their Youtube. Talk about exposure!

Nick, any chance you could share the rack cards for us to use?

Hello, would you be able to share a sample of these rack cards? Thank you

Be sure to leave plenty of time for questions. Of the presentations I have done, the ones that were the most fruitful were when I had a chance to go off-script and fill gaps in the agents’ knowledge or clear up misconceptions.