Real estate inspection

The process of inspecting a home is a crucial one. Many buyers purchase their home on impulse and find themselves suffering from buyers remorse upon discovering serious flaws in the home itself. At Accurate Inspections, we provide our clients with the tools they need to make an educated choice regarding the quality and condition of their potential new home, we inspect for common home defects and not so common ones. By hiring an experienced New Jersey home inspector who has your best interest solely in mind, our clients are better able to judge the strengths and weaknesses of the home in which they are under contract to buy and help avoid home buyer’s remorse. We will inspect the structure, exterior, bathroom, drainage, grounds, roof, plumbing, electric, heating, thermostats, ac, interior and fireplace. The municipality will inspect the smoke alarms and can issue Code Violation Notices. We will provide home maintenance suggestions and safety tips. Our web site also provides information about New Jersey septic inspections, what to look for when you look for a home, mold information and a list of questions to ask during a home inspection. Mortgage rate and second mortgage rate information.

Gee the web site seemed to have a lot of different companies and associations.
I saw ASHI but unless I did not look in the correct place did not see the best Home inspection association listed .
Perhaps this was an over site soon to be corrected and have NACHI listed also .
Thanks for showing us NACHI was missing …Cookie
Will give you two greens when you fix the web site to cancel the red I gave you now

Roy you are being to kind.
What the heck is this person doing?
Are they trying to sell an ASHI inspection to NACHI ?
How accurate can they be if they do not know whom they are posting to.
I sure would never think of using them.

I’m guessing they needed to post on a message board that someone actually reads…:slight_smile:

Yes and ASHI members need all the help we can give them .
Many are finding how great a group we have.
We do not hide any thing all can see our flaws and also see how we stand together and help every one affiliated or non affiliated they all come to NACHI for information and the truth .

BTW: Look at his “sample Report”. Simple, mostly boiler plate and no pictures or diagrams.

Another “quality” inspector from another association.

BTW # 2: Did you notice all his verbage about being independent from Realtors? Some associations are in the Realtor’s pocket.

Interesting points. :mrgreen:

Which are those, William?

That is why I didn’t want to name names. Maybe (probably) it is different in different areas, but I find, in my area, that one association really has an in with Realtors. Many Realtors I talk to seem to believe that one cannot be licensed, in Illinois, unless they are a member of this association.

A result (and, at least around here) intent of “branding”.

The guy who posted this thread is not the inspector on the website. The O.P. is the web designer & is using us to get traffic to this website.

I think the link should be removed. :roll:


Friendly competition. I like pictures in reports, because I don’t have to read so much! :wink:

cwhite2 is right, some people use forums to get links to their sites, to get higher rankings, for example <a href=“” title=“Mold Inspection NJ”>Mold Inspection NJ</a> and so on. They usually dont care to much about traffic tho, but of course it depends on the quality of the forum and etc :slight_smile: Hope you will find it helpful!

I guess it’s a good thing you don’t know how to insert a link. Hope you’re not a designer where people are depending on you to litter forums with links to their sites.