Realty company charging for referrals

Hello everyone. Just thought you should know I attended the greenville SC local NACHI meeting tonight and was informed that Keller-Williams Realty group was going to begin charging inspectors from $300.00 ~ $1000.00 dollars for them to put you on their list of inspectors for referrals. I was also informed that we as a chapter had sent a letter to NACHI informing them of this and as yet have received no response from them. I was just wondering what is this company thinking. I am sure this has to be some kind of conflict of interest. I believe we are also sendin a copy of this letter to the local realty association and will kepp all informed as I gather more information.


Was it for referals or for a ad space?

It was to be put on their preferred inspectors list. Call it what you want add space or referrals but I am being told the more money you pay the higher up the list your company name goes.

If for referals, it is against SOP.

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