Realtor 101: put out air fresheners to sell a home

Note the air fresheners in the kitchen and bathroom.

Yes. I wore a respirator on this one.

021710 035.JPG

Apple Pie works the best.

Hope you found nothing wrong.:slight_smile:

It can be yours for just $24K. (2 bedroom, 30 year old condo in a university area neighborhood.)

Buyer, an investor, said he had a guy who could rip out and replace the sheetrock for $100 labor. :smiley:

Beware of where your children live while they are in school!


Looks like a house that was hit by the fringe of a hurricane!

Home inspection 101: where air deodorizers are present, always suspect that someone is trying to mask an odor–usually from mold. That is some really pretty mold in the first picture. It is like art.

But you weren’t so easily fooled, were you. You just kept looking and searching and nit-picking until you found something to kill the deal.:mrgreen:

Did you recommend testing the “suspected microbial growth” on the walls?

Deal killer!!!

He’s going to buy it. One of his Mexican friends is going to do the “remediation”. I don’t quite know why he hired me.

Remediation protocol:

Step 1: Tear out old sheetrock.

Step 2: Put up new sheetrock.

Step 3: Paint.

Step 4: Vacuum carpet.

I would recommend installation of new air fresheners be written in the mold remediation protocol.

Why do people always assume a thing is a deal killer? The particular defect is not a deal killer and NO home inspector who is conducting a proper NEUTRAL home inspection is a deal killer. We provide the facts upon which a buyer’s business decision is made, nothing more or less. The defect is what it is. The deal killer is actually the buyer who does not want to assume the risk or the cost to repair found defects. I have been called a deal killer, as probably most of you have at one time. But, we conscientious inspectors know the truth and that is all that matters. Be true to yourself and your promises.