Looking for TI news letter for realtors!

Hello all, Just wondering if anyone out there has an e-mail letter out there that would be useful in educating realtors about the science of thermal imaging, or better yet something to peak their interests about it so that they want to visit my website and view the video “A consumers guide to thermal imaging”, and learn from there. If anyone is willing to share these documents, I thank them in advance. Tim Halpin

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I would be interested also.


I doubt a realtor would be interested in T-Imaging unless it was done on their home, they would probably go with the deal killer idea with the usage at a customers inspection—:smiley:

I agree Dale however unfurtunately for them (realtors) this is the direction that home inspections are heading. I am going to be one of the firsts in my area offering this service and I want to get in the offices to help ease the transition.


This is helpful as an introduction if you can get them to view it.

It may wind up in the same place along with much of the print materials they receive.

I just keep sending it until they book with me or hang themselves :wink: going thermally green!


If you could get a presentation and have them set up some things you could find for them, it might be impressive to them. I have thought of this but haven’t bothered with it as I do not really actively advertise to agents, I pick them up from referrals and from them seeing my reports and technology and then they seek me out.

I have cultivated some new realtors with it who are very faithful and very impressed with it. But they are the good ones who want a thoroguh inspection for their clients eitherway. Ultimately, you are not going to convince the ones who are afriad of the deal breaker to like it any more than they would have like you just being really thorough.

As more and more consumers become aware of it they will request it and or look for it in the lists that their realtors give out. That will be the biggest factor in the long run I think.

I think it would be a big help if FLIR And the other camera co. would step up to the plate with T.V. Adds about There Cameras and what an Infrared thermal inspection can do for buyer and sellers.

But it Look like the camera company’s are letting us run the ball for them…

The many hold back is education of home buyers…

Every informed buyer wants the Thermal inspection.



Some Brokers have been known to make their entire office staff of Realtors
watch this video, after viewing it.

Consumer Guide To Infrared

Thanks for the input everyone. Some of the local realtors welcome the technology while others do not. I try to make it clear to the hesitant ones that they are going appear “uninformed” or “uneducated” when their clients request it. I figure I can forward the video to them and hope they call me for more info. Thanks again, Tim

John, when I took the IR class with you one of my concerns was the length of the video (over 28 minutes). While there is a tremendous and valuable amount of information in it, I commented on its length. If there were a 5 or 10 minute video for the end consumer or the Realtor, in my opinion, it would be better received if it were shorter. Overall great tool, but alas our attention spans are shrinking. I would use this shorter version in front of clients but I know that they will not take almost 30 minutes to watch a video.

I agree.

Agreed!! Green for you my friend!

If your looking to market IR to anyone, it should be directed to homeowners, not Realtor’s.

Start off with a web site.

I keep busy with Infrared, once the heating bills start coming out.

Hell of a nice website Dave—:wink:

Should be mandatory for so many reasons.